My child has a hospital appointment for their eyes, will anything be different due to the Coronavirus?

Although there is variation across the UK, most clinics are now operating under similar guidelines. You may find changes to your clinics layout such as one-way systems, smaller waiting areas, fewer chairs and a one-in, one-out system. Everyone, including non-clinical staff, will be wearing PPE, you will also be required to wear a face covering, however your child will be exempt in they are under 11. There are also other exemptions to wearing a face covering which can be found on the website.

RNIB have produced a short video that has information and advice for people attending eye appointments, which has good advice on how to prepare.

You should also consider:

Hospital transport, it is slowly being reintroduced, but if you normally rely on this, please check locally in advance of your visit, to make sure it's available to you.

Don't arrive too early for your appointment as you may not be allowed into clinic until your allotted time.

Before your visit, you might want to talk to your child about the changes and what to expect. Toys and games have been removed from waiting areas so remember to take your own, along with refreshments and any other things you might need during your appointment. 

Further information and advice around attending your child's hospital appointment can be found on RNIB’s Eye Clinic Appointments: guide for parents web page.

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