How can I make payments or access cash during the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic?

Visiting your Bank - Going into your bank is not recommended unless absolutely necessary and some banks now have reduced opening hours. If you only have a passbook account ask your bank about changing your account to one with a card, most banks offer simple banking accounts with ATM cards. This would help you avoid visiting your branch.

ATM – use the ATM rather than visiting the branch.

ATM cash withdrawal by volunteer – some banks will enable a third-party withdrawal service via an ATM. You can request a code via the telephone or through a banking app, the code which is valid only for a specific time and amount, will allow a third-party to make a cash withdrawal from an ATM for you. 

Post Office Payout Now – is a service available via the Post Office that enables your bank to send you a unique one-time code which can be taken to a Post Office and cashed. The code can be sent to you by email, text or through the post. Not all banks have signed up to this service so contact yours to find out if they offer it and ask how to register.

Currency home delivery – some banks are now providing cash home delivery services direct to the home for vulnerable people. 

Third party counter withdrawal – if you can’t get to the bank yourself and none of the above options work for you, some banks will allow a third party to make a withdrawal over the counter on your behalf. You can download a form or have one sent to you, which once completed can be taken to your bank by a third party (trusted volunteer or friend) your bank will then carry out verification checks and complete the withdrawal.

Not all banks and building societies offer the above options, so please check with them prior to making any arrangements. Some banks have also set up special vulnerable customer phone lines, to make sure those in need are getting support.

Further useful information on making payments safely during coronavirus (Covid-19) can be found on the UK Finance website.

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