I am worried about accessing products and services, who can help?

The NHS Volunteer responders may be able to help you if you meet specific criteria, or consider yourself vulnerable and need help collecting shopping, medication or would like a telephone ‘check in and chat’. The specific criteria for help can be found on the NHS Volunteer responders website. If you meet the criteria you can call them on 0808 196 3646 (8am to 8pm) to arrange volunteer support.

This service is available in England. If you live in Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales further information can be found on the following links:

The governments vulnerable list was closed to new registrations from 1 April 2021, as most of England were advised that they no longer need to shield. Further guidance on the support still available can be found on the gov.uk shielding guidance web page. Contact your local authority if you need urgent help getting essential supplies and cannot rely on supermarket deliveries, family, friends or neighbours.

Getting to the shops

The you live in London the Taxicard scheme has introduced extra services for customers. You can now use you Taxicard for:

  • Taxicard drivers to pick up and deliver essential supplies for you; and 
  • Allow friends and family to travel on your behalf using your Taxicard for the same purpose

Please check their website for full details and further information.

If you are able to get out, use your symbol cane if you have one to let others know you have sight loss. Also make store assistants aware of your sight loss when you enter the store, most assistants will be willing to help you find the items you need. 

Face masks are no longer a requirement by law, however it is still recommended that you wear one in crowed places and on public transport.

For further information please also see How do I engage with my local support networks? and I can't go out; can I get my shopping delivered?

If you need further advice or support during this time, please call RNIB on 0303 123 9999.

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