What support is available for someone who is deaf and blind?

There is a lot of help for you if you have both hearing and sight loss (often called dual-sensory loss). As a first step, it is worthwhile contacting your local social services department as they should have a team that specialises in helping people with both sight and hearing loss.

This specialist team is usually called the Sensory Impairment Team, they can assess your needs and see what help you can get to help you remain independent, get out and about, access information, communicate with other people and carry out regular tasks around the home.

There are also organisations that specialise in supporting deafblind people, including Sense and Deafblind UK. Who provide a range of advice and services for deafblind people. They also organise groups across the UK where you can meet other deafblind people to share experiences, information and socialise.

Further information about dual sensory loss can be found on RNIB's Dual sensory loss webpages.

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