What are the different ways for me to read?

If you have little or no sight, there are several different ways to read. Your choices may also change based on your level of vision, what you're reading and new developments in technology.

Audio is a general term used for books that you listen to, usually narrated by a real person. You can listen to audio in a variety of ways including CD, DAISY, USB stick or digitally through your computer, MP3 player, tablet or mobile phone. You can also listen to eBooks on an eBook reader using text to speech software. 

Braille and other tactile codes a system of raised dots or symbols. You can read this way through paper versions or refreshable braille display. 

Large or giant print large print comes in 16 to 18 point size and giant print is anything larger than this and is much clearer than a 10 to 12 point size, which is standard.

eBooks are electronic versions of books, which can be read using a handheld device such as an eBook reader or using an eBook application on your computer, mobile phone or tablet. eBooks come in large print, audio or braille. 

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