What accessible apps should I download for my smartphone or tablet?

There are a number of helpful apps that allow people with sight loss to perform some tasks completely independently. Including reading letters, magazines or menus, recognizing currency, identifying colours and products, as well as verbal descriptions on what is around you or what a scene looks like. They can also help to make travelling easier by using global positioning satellites to provide directions, information on landmarks and roads.

There are many different accessible apps available including:

KNFB Reader - converts text to speech
Be My Eyes - connects user to real volunteers who can help identify products and read instructions
Seeing AI - a great general app that reads text, identifies scenes, recognises products and people
Tap Tap See - product identification
Identifi - Image and text recognition
Blind Square - Identifies roads, landmarks and businesses as you walk
Sound Scape - Navigation that you can personalise with your own beacons
Aipoly Vision - an object and colour recogniser that uses artificial intelligence to help you understand your surroundings.
iDentifi and TapTapSee - analyses photos and provides a description for you.
Color ID - uses the camera on your device to identify and speak the names of colours in real time.
Camfind - allows you to do an online search by simply taking a photo of an object, the app will then provide you with related images, local shopping results and a selection of web results to enable you to find out more.

All these apps and many more can be downloaded from services such as Apple or Google Playstore (Android) once downloaded it is installed on to your device. Please be aware that some apps are available free of charge, some offer a subscription based service and some can be acquired with a one off payment.

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