How can I carry on using the bus?

Contact your local council or local bus service providers and find out as much information as possible about your journey, before you travel. Ask them for details such as:

  • How will I be able to identify local buses and bus stops?
  • How much will the journey be and how can I pay for it? (do they accept card payments, discount cards, cash etc)
  • Do they provide travel support or journey assistance?
  • What information do they have about their bus routes and time tables and can they provide these to you in accessible format?

There are also a number of smartphone apps that you can download to help you plan your journey such as:

  • City Mapper (London, Manchester, Birmingham)
  • Travelline GB (UK wide)
  • Translink (Northern Ireland)

You can also download the Moovit app which gives you automatic notifications on when to get on and off the bus and gives you live step by step guidance along your route.

There are special cards you can get which are printed with the word bus or the bus number, which you can hold up so the driver knows to stop for you. If you live in Wales or Devon you can also apply for an Orange wallet, see What are travel wallets?

When you get on the bus, check with the driver if the bus has audio announcements. If it doesn't, tell the driver where you need to get off and let him know he will need to let you know when the bus reaches your stop.

RNIB has a number of useful videos available on You Tube that feature tips on using buses:

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