Do you have any advice on using buses?

There are a few simple steps that can help when getting on and off a bus:

  • If you need to hail a bus it can help if you hold up a card with the bus number on it or the word ‘Bus’ so the driver knows to stop for you. These can be purchased from your local society. 
  • When you get on the bus, tell the driver where you’d like to get off and ask them to tell you when the bus reaches that stop. Sit near to the driver so that you can hear them when they tell you that you are there
  • Some buses have both audio announcements about the location of the bus, as well as buttons which can be pressed to alert the bus driver that you would like to get off the bus. These buttons are usually only located on some of the vertical grab bars, so ensure that you’re sat or standing next to a bar with a button so that you can locate it easily when you need to get off the bus
  • Ask other passengers if you need assistance getting on and off the bus. Tell them how you like to be guided, ask how far the bus is from the kerb and where the handrails are.

Please also see What support is available for planning my bus journey?

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