How can I plan my journey in London?

The Transport for London (TFL) website has a journey planner, which has been designed so that people using screen reader software such as JAWS can use it easily. There are also live bus and train departure boards which can be checked on the internet or from your mobile phone.

TFL produce a range of free maps in various formats, including 'avoiding stairs' and 'step free' maps. Tube maps are available in large print, audio and black and white. You can also download a free Colourblind Tube Map app that allows you to view tube maps in six alternative versions on your smartphone.

TFL also run a Travel Mentoring Service which offers advice on planning an accessible journey route in London and will provide a mentor free of charge to do the route with you on your first few journeys, email [email protected] for more information.

For more information on accessible travelling in London contact TFL:

For further information on smartphone apps and electronic mobility aids see How can I navigate using electronic mobility aids or smartphone apps?

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