When will my DLA end and my claim for PIP begin?

As part of the “natural reassessment” process, the DWP will send you a letter explaining that your DLA is due to end and will invite you to claim PIP. You will have four weeks to claim and you must normally start this process by phone. This is the initial claim which asks for your personal information, such as name, address and preferred format to receive communication.

If you do not claim within four weeks, the DWP will suspend your DLA and send you a letter explaining that the suspension will be lifted if you make a claim for PIP within the next four weeks. If you still do not start a claim for PIP within that time the DWP will stop your DLA.

If you do claim and your claim for PIP is successful, your previous award of DLA will cease, and your award of PIP will begin the following day.

You can find more information, about DLA and PIP, on RNIB's PIP webpage.

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