How do I turn on Magnification on an Android phone?

Magnification is the screen enlargement software that is built into the Android operating system. This means that you don't have to purchase any third-party software to make your device fully accessible.

To turn on and adjust any of the display settings, you will need to open the Settings app. The Settings app is usually found on the home screen or by flicking down on the top right status bar and searching for the Settings cogwheel. It’s almost always in the top right corner.

Turn on magnification

  • Open your device's Settings app
  • Tap Accessibility, then tap Magnification.

Turn on magnification shortcut (quick triple tap on your screen)

  • Open your device's Settings app
  • Tap Accessibility, then tap Magnification
  • Tap Magnification shortcut, then choose Triple-tap screen (this shortcut may slow down your device).

Zoom in and make everything bigger

  • Triple-tap screen: Quickly tap screen three times
  • Tap anywhere on the screen, except the keyboard or navigation bar
  • Drag two fingers to move around the screen
  • Pinch with two fingers to adjust zoom
  • To stop Magnification, use the Magnification shortcut again.

Tips for using magnification

  • Magnification can range up to 8x
  • If you open or close an app when zoomed in, you automatically zoom out. To zoom in again, use the Magnification shortcut
  • If you selected the triple-tap magnification shortcut: after you turn on magnification, single taps take slightly longer. This short delay lets the device understand if your tap is part of a triple tap.

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