What are the TalkBack Local and Global context menus on an Android device?

Local context menu

The TalkBack local context menu is specific to each particular app on your Android device, this means not all local menus will be the same. When envoked, the local menu provides you with actions related to the app that the menu is opened for. An example of this would be if the local menu was opened on the Google app, all of the options in that menu will be related to the Google app only.

To open the local context menu, make sure the focus is on the specific app then swipe up and right. The local menu can also be accessed by double tapping and holding.

You can exit out of the local context menu by choosing the Cancel option from the list.

Global context menu

The TalkBack global context menu contains useful tools. The global context menu can be activated from anywhere within Android by performing the swipe down and right gesture.

The options in this menu are presented as a list which can be navigated by using the flick right and left gesture or by using explore by touch.

Some of the items found in the global context menu include:

  • Read from top
  • Read from next item
  • Repeat last utterance
  • Spell last utterance
  • Copy last utterance to clipboard
  • Screen search
  • TalkBack settings
  • Text to speech settings
  • Dim screen

You can exit out of this menu by choosing the Cancel option from the list.

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