How do I switch between apps using TalkBack on an Android device?

You can switch between open apps on your Android device quickly and easily. This is particularly useful if you want to copy information from one app to another. You can do this by accessing your recent apps.

To access recent apps:

  • Swipe left, then up or from the bottom, two-finger swipe up and hold.
  • You can also access your opened apps by double tapping the recents button. This is typically found below your screen and either to the right or left of your home button.

To move between open apps:

  • swipe left or right with one finger. If you want to activate an app in the list, use the activate gesture by double-tapping.

To close apps from this area:

  • swipe from right to left with two fingers.

To go home from within any app on your Android device:

  • Double tap the home button or icon which is found in the centre immediately below the screen
  • You can also swipe up up from the bottom of the screen with two fingers.

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