I have lost my driving licence, will I lose my job?

You should speak to your employer about your circumstances. Under the terms of the Equality Act or Disability Discrimination Act, employers need to consider what reasonable adjustments they can put in place to support you.

Your employer could make a reasonable adjustment and allow you to work from home temporarily or permanently. They could also allow you extra time to get to work if you use a taxi, lift share or have a support worker to drive you. However, as how you get to/from work is not your employer's responsibility, they are not likely to fund this. You may be able to get help with the extra costs involved through Access to work, they can also help with the cost of travel within work where you are required to move between various locations as part of your job. 

If your licence is needed because you have to drive to do your job, such as delivery driver, bus driver, taxi driver, etc, reasonable adjustments could include being redeployed to another role within your company that does not involve driving.

Most employers will do their best to enable you to stay in work. However, if it's not possible to put reasonable adjustments in place or redeploy you, you may be dismissed on capability grounds. If this happens, then you should speak to an ACAS representative or citizens advice to get guidance on severance packages before making any formal agreements.

Remember, if you cannot stay in your current employment, it doesn't mean you won't be able to get employment in another role with another company.

Further information can be found on RNIB's Employment and Equality webpages.

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