How can I carry on gardening?

With a bit of planning and some small changes to the equipment and techniques you use, you can easily carry on enjoying gardening.


Thrive can provide you with useful hints and tips from other gardeners who have sight loss. They offer a range of services including:

  • How to set up a local gardening club guide
  • Gardening advice by telephone, email or post to help you with any gardening questions you may have
  • Carry on gardening website, which brings you information on tried and tested gardening equipment and tools for those with sight loss.
  • Annual membership at £25 per year (includes a quarterly "Growth Point" magazine)
  • Training courses delivered regionally across the academic year.
  • Specialised gardening publications available to purchase (the catalogue of publications is available on the Thrive website)

For more information contact Thrive:

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