What audio description is available for sporting events?

Audio description is a service that describes visual events in detail for a blind or partially sighted audience.

Football and Rugby

Commentary is provided at many of the professional football and rugby league clubs as well as some non-league clubs. Information regarding facilities provided at each club, for home and away fans, is available from Level Playing Field.

In Northern Ireland, all international matches at Windsor Park are audio described. For a list of forthcoming matches and to purchase tickets, visit the Irish Football Association website.


Spectators at Lord's Cricket Ground are able to follow every ball bowled and every boundary scored through the excellent Ball by Ball commentary service. If you are visiting Lords on an international match day you are advised to book your headset in advance.


Access Audio has designed equipment specifically for the purpose of broadcasting description to blind and partially sighted people attending public events. The RAD system offers a superb level of reception utilising radio signals.

Radio stations including BBC and Radio 5 Live and local stations also often cover games. You could listen to the commentary provided by them on your phone or small portable radio, while at the game.

If you prefer to experience sport at home, further information on audio description on your TV and online services can be found on RNIB's Audio description webpages.

Best practice guidance

RNIB have created some best practice guidance that includes effective strategies for making TV commentaries for most sports more inclusive and accessible to all, regardless of their sight level.

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