What are the different font sizes such as clear print, large print and giant print?

The 'point' is the usual unit for measuring the size of fonts.

  • regular print is usually 10 or 12 point and may even be slightly smaller than this in some newspapers
  • clear print is usually 14 point
  • large print is usually 16 point or higher - and this may be large enough for people who have some useful sight, but who struggle to read regular print
  • giant print is usually 18 point or larger.

Examples of the different 'point' size can be found in our point sizes guide:

If you're thinking of producing material in large print for someone, check with them first to see what size font they are comfortable reading. Some people may even prefer audio for very long documents or books. You should also consider using a font that is very clear, such as Arial or a specialist font such as Tiresias.

For advice on changing your font size on a computer or tablet see What is screen magnification?

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