Is it worth registering as blind or partially sighted, can I still get access to benefits without it?

Getting registered can give you some very significant advantages, from making life more affordable by enabling you to claim a wide range of concessions, to making it easier for you to claim welfare benefits.

Although being registered does not automatically entitle you to any particular welfare benefit, it confirms your sight loss and helps as evidence in your claim.

Which concessions you are entitled to also depends on whether you are registered as severely sight impaired or sight impaired. Your local council will often give you a registration card that proves your registration status. Having this can help to prove your entitlement to concessions, including when you’re visiting places of interest.

RNIB's Sight loss: What we needed to know and Benefits, concessions and registration booklets have a range of information on how to get registered, how it can be of benefit to you and what you can claim. You can download copies from their Resource guides webpage.

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