How do I get Audio Description on my TV?

 Audio Description is free to receive and use on digital television. Those offering audio description include:


On its own channels, Sky endeavours to ensure that all its top shows carry AD, and that where a show has AD, all episodes and series have it. You can switch on audio description for both services by using your accessible remote which will have an audio description button.

The Sky website has accessibility information and instructions on how to activate audio description for SkyQ, Sky+ and Sky Glass.


If you have a Virgin TV, a subscription service also known as cable, you can get audio description free. Virgin has two systems TiVo and V or VHD, the type of box you have will help you identify which service you have. If you are not sure, you should contact Virgin customer service.

RNIB's website has instructions on how to activate audio description for both Virgin systems.


If you have a digital television or a set top box it may well be a Freeview set or box. If you have Freeview you may have an audio description button on your remote control. If you do you can turn the audio description on and off this way.

If you don't have a button on your remote you may need sighted assistance to look at the TV menus for audio features or the TV manual that came with the TV or digi box. If audio description is available the manual will give instructions on how to turn it on. Once set up it will remain on until you reset it.


If you have Freesat, which is a digital TV service provided through a dish but with no subscription. Your Freesat remote control will have a button for audio description. This will turn the audio description on and off, you may need assistance from a sighted friend or family member to locate the button.


If you have YouView, which provides free to air digital TV channels via a YouView TV or box (this service is also offered by BT TV, TalkTalk TV and Plusnet TV through their own set-top boxes), with no contract or subscription but with the option to purchase monthly 'Boosters' for extras.

You can switch on audio description by using your YouView remote which will have an audio description button.

Further information on how to find programmes with audio description and how to adjust the volume for audio description can be found on the YouView website.

You can also get audio description for many programmes on BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 by changing the accessibility options in the settings menu.

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