I'm due to have a cataract operation, what can I expect to happen?

Usually cataract operations are very straight forward and successful.

You will normally have a pre-assessment appointment before your surgery during which your eye will be measured and examined. You can also use this appointment as an opportunity to raise any concerns or questions you may have.

Most cataract surgery is performed as a 'day case', so you will not need to stay in hospital overnight. The operation is performed using local anaesthetic, so you will be awake but unable to feel any pain, and your vision will be very blurry throughout the operation. During the surgery your natural lens will be removed and replaced with an artificial implant.

Your eye may take about a week to heal, but many people see an improvement in their vision quite quickly. You will probably have to use eye drops for a number of weeks after surgery. You may also have to avoid certain types of activities whilst you are in recovery, such as swimming and strenuous exercise. You should be careful in dusty and windy conditions and may want to consider protective eye wear. Your hospital or doctor should provide you with full information before you leave after your operation.

If you have another eye condition as well as a cataract, then there may be other considerations which you and your doctors will need to think about.

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