What is eccentric viewing?

Eccentric viewing (EV) and steady eye strategy (SES) are techniques to help people with central vision loss use their remaining vision more effectively. It can help with daily activities like reading, getting about, cooking, looking after yourself or watching TV.

EV involves identifying the area of the retina that retains reasonable functionality in order to maximise detail, and learning to use it effectively.

SES is a technique specifically for reading. It requires the person to keep their gaze still, and scroll text right to left, through their best functioning piece of vision. This technique improves accuracy and reading speed, although not to pre-macular disease levels.

If you have a macular eye condition the Macular Society run free courses on EV and SES. You can call them on 0300 3030 111 or email[email protected] or use their online form macularsociety.org/contact.

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