Who are VICTA?

VICTA believe social connectedness, confidence & self-esteem help counteract the physical, mental and emotional problems faced within the VI community.

VICTA works towards improving educational outcomes and economic opportunities, they also promote healthy personal behaviours in order to help reduce the prevalence of mental issues within the VI world. VICTA are aware that feelings of isolation and loneliness are dominant within the world of visual impairment and focus on activity-based learning as a positive setting for social interaction and personal growth.

They believe that for young people, involvement in team-based activities can be positively associated with social acceptance and a sense of belonging, especially where such involvement is characterised by positive coaching, progressive skill development and peer support. Which is particularly relevant, meaningful and necessary when VI students are considering or preparing for transition into higher education or the workplace.

Key services:

  • Youth Activities (14-17)
  • Youth Expeditions Programme (14-17) 
  • Young Adult Activities (18-29) 
  • Young Ambassadors Programme (18-29) 
  • Grants (0-29) for assistive technologies 
  • Family Services
  • Family Activities (0-17) 

Further information can be found on the VICTA website.

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