How can I carry on playing cricket?

Cricket for people with sight loss is largely the same as cricket for sighted players, with some adjustments to make it more accessible.

Some of the changes include:

  • Wickets are larger so batsman and bowlers can touch them to orientate themselves
  • For blind batsman, the ball must bounce at least twice before reaching the crease
  • For partially sighted batsman, the ball must bounce at least once before reaching the crease
  • A totally blind batsman is given one chance before being given out for LBW
  • A batsman who is totally blind cannot be stumped
  • A totally blind batsman receives double runs
  • A fielder who is totally blind can make a catch after the ball has bounced once

For more information about taking part in cricket for people with sight loss, customers in England, Scotland and Wales should contact British Blind Sport:

Customers in Northern Ireland should contact Disability Sports Northern Ireland (DSNI):

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