What sports have been adapted for children with a vision impairment?

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Children with a vision impairment can get involved in a variety of sports including but definitely not limited to archery, swimming, tennis, bowls, athletics, golf, rock climbing and sailing.

Goalball is a three-a-side team game, developed for blind and partially sighted players. Individuals with full sight can also play.

Metro Blind Sport is a London based Sports and Social Club for blind and partially sighted people of all ages. 

Organisations such as British Blind Sport, which aims to ensure that sports are accessible to every blind and partially sighted person in the UK. British Paralympics Association (BPA), Disability Sport England, Scotland, Wales and NI all have search facilities on their websites to help you find further information along with clubs and classes near you.

Your local society should be able to advise if there are any local groups near you or people interested in forming a group. You can locate your nearest local society on the Sightline Directory by entering your postcode and the search words 'local society' you can also you the directory to search for sports groups near you.

Further information about how each sport has been adapted and contact details specific to each sport can be found on RNIB's sport and leisure web pages.

For information on activity and social breaks for children and young people, see Are there any activity or social breaks and events available for children with vision impairment?

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