What are eyeshields and how can I choose a pair?

Similar to sunglasses eye shields reduce the amount of UV (Ultra Violet) A, B and C and blue light, that enters the eyes. This can help to reduce glare and light sensitivity as well as protecting your eyes from light that can damage the retina. Different tinted lenses can also improve contrast and definition, making your vision more comfortable.

Eye shields are light and easy to wear both in and outdoors and some can be worn over your existing prescription glasses. They are larger than normal glasses and stop light from entering from above and to the sides, the fit of them is important to stop the light coming in from the edges of the frame.

They come in a variety of different shades; amber, green, grey, orange, plum, red, and yellow. Some are also polarised to further reduce glare.

Manufacturers of tints sometimes suggest that specific colours are best suited to certain eye conditions. These recommendations should be seen as guidelines, it is important to try out eye shields with different tints, especially outside, to find what works best for you.

For advice regarding the filters or information on prescription glasses made with these filters, contact MediView:

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