What is React?

React Accessibility Ltd offer a range of products including 'React Audio Triggering System'.

The React Audio Triggering System can be fitted to any asset and is commonly fitted to passenger real-time information displays across the transport sector (bus, tram, train).

Users of the system can trigger displays (and other assets at locations such as help-points, kiosks and even vehicles) to ‘talk’ to them, informing them of key information and messages of both general and specific relevance to their needs. Users can create a profile and select settings such as audio language preference. 

User’s ‘trigger’ audio at 2 levels. Automatically based upon proximity to aid wayfinding and secondly through pressing action buttons through our Key Fob and Phone Apps to hear helpful information to support journey travel.

Demonstrations of the Key Fob and APP Audio Triggering of a display at a Bus Stop and at a Bus Station can be found in the videos below:

If you require advice about React Accessibility, or the React Trigger System in your area, including 'how to use it' please contact your local council/authority, local transport operator or contact React (the licenced product owner) directly via the React website. 

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