What is a talking cash machine (ATM)?

Talking cash machines (ATMs) allow you to plug in headphones and listen to the options displayed on-screen. The machine will give you several choices and ask you to press the appropriate buttons on the key pad. This means you don't have to memorise sequences of button presses or rely on a member of staff to help you.

There are around 10,000 talking cash machines in the UK. You can download the LINK accessible app from the Google Play store or Apple App store which allows you to find your nearest talking ATM or contact your bank. There is also an ATM Locator on the LINK website, although it is not fully accessible to visually impaired people.

Talking cash machines (ATMs) aren't always available, but all cash machines should offer some form of tactile assistance, including a raised dot on the number 5 to identify the centre of the keypad, a raised circle on the 'confirm' button and a raised cross on the 'cancel' button.

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