What is the bedroom tax?

The 'bedroom tax' was introduced in England, Wales and Scotland in 2013 and is a reduction in the Housing Benefit you receive towards your rent. It applies if you have more bedrooms than the relevant law determines your household needs. If it applies to you, you will have to pay the difference between your Housing Benefit and your rent.

The bedroom tax will not apply to you, if you or your partner have reached state pension age.

If you require an extra room to store equipment related to your sight loss or another disability or medical need, you might be entitled to claim discretionary housing payments (DHP) from your local authority to cover the shortfall on a temporary basis. Contact your local authority for more information on how to claim.

It is important you are receiving all the benefits you are entitled to. Further information on the benefits that might be available to you can be found on RNIB's benefits and support webpages.

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