Can I keep claiming my benefits if I'm going abroad?

The state retirement pension can be paid for an indefinite period if you go abroad. The rules for other benefits vary if you go abroad, but the majority of state benefits are not payable after a permanent move away from the UK.

For disability benefits - PIP, DLA and Attendance Allowance - you can continue to get the benefit for a temporary absence of up to 13 weeks. Some other benefits such as ESA, Pension Credit and Carer's Allowance can normally be paid for up to 4 weeks, and Universal Credit for one month, during a temporary absence. These benefits may be paid during a longer period spent abroad but only in specific, limited circumstances.

There are currently special rules that mean you may be able to continue to get certain benefits during periods spent in other European Economic Area countries.

This can be a complex area. For further advice and information contact an advice agency such as Citizens Advice Bureau or AgeUK. You can also search for advice services in your area on Advicelocal.

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