How do I find a legal aid funded solicitor?

If you appear to qualify for Legal Aid for your housing issue, you can find a solicitor with the relevant contract using Gov.UKs find a legal aid solicitor tool:

You may also find that the Citizens Advice Bureau has a contact in a nearby location to you. This may not necessarily be in the local authority area that you either reside or work. If this is the case, it is highly recommended that you contact the bureau via email and explain that you have checked that you are eligible for legal aid with your issue and now wish to be referred to a housing solicitor.

You should also state that you are aware that the funding for this is not via the bureau’s core funding, therefore it does not matter that you do not work or reside in the area.

Solicitors are keen for as many cases to be referred as possible. If they do not obtain sufficient numbers, there is a significant risk that the government will make further cut backs on Legal Aid, claiming that there is not enough demand to justify the expense.

For information about the eligibility criteria for legal aid for housing issues, see How can I claim legal aid for housing issues?

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