What accessibility options are available on a computer if you are partially sighted?

If your eyesight has deteriorated, but you still have usable vision, then you can make software or physical adaptions to your computer that will help you to continue to read and view material more easily.

Both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac computers have extremely good accessibility options built into their operating systems, at no additional cost.


The accessibility options for Windows can be found in the Ease of Access centre. Settings that can be altered or turned on include Magnifier options, Display options, Mouse Pointer options, Text Cursor options, Colour Filter and High Contrast Modes. There is also a built-in screen reader option called Narrator.

Apple Mac

The accessibility options for an Apple Mac can be found in the Accessibility settings window. Settings which can be altered or turned on include Zoom, Display options and Invert colour schemes. The built-in screen reader option is called VoiceOver.

For more information on Windows and Narrator or Apple Mac and Voice Over just type the relevant word into the search bar of this FAQ.

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