Which mobile phones and smartphones are accessible?

There are a number of accessible mobile phones on the market, ranging from advanced smartphones costing hundreds of pounds, to simple handsets that can only make calls and send text messages.

A smartphone is a phone that is connected to the internet. This means in addition to usual phone calls and text messages, it can also do a lot of the same things as a computer.

There are two main types of smartphones Apple and Android.

Apple's smartphones are called iPhones. Android phones are made by a lot of different manufactures, the most popular ones are Samsung, Sony, LG and Huawei. Both Apple and Android phones can be purchased from any high street phone shop as a handset only option or as part of a contract with minutes, texts and data included.

Both Apple and Android smartphones have built-in accessibility for larger, bolder text, magnification or speech. How you use the accessibility settings is different between Apple and Android and each have limitations. The accessibility settings are not usually turned on by default, so you may need help in adjusting the settings first.

There are some smartphones specifically designed for use by blind or partially sighted people. The two most popular versions are Synapptic phone and Blindshell.

Both phones use a touch screen. The Synapptic is designed to be used by people who prefer larger text or who need speech or a combination of both. The Blindshell phone is designed for those who need speech only.

If you would just like a basic phone with text and call features only you could consider a Doro 6520 clamshell phone.

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