What is tactile paving?

Tactile paving can be felt either under foot or by a cane near traffic lights, road crossings and at tram stops. It can also be found in rail and bus stations. There are a few different types of paving including:

  • blister paving indicates when there is a road crossing/dip in the kerb or a platform edge in train or bus station. Blister paving has rows of evenly spaced flat topped circular bumps
  • corduroy paving indicates you are approaching a possible hazard such as stairs or a level crossing
  • lozenge paving is used to indicate tram platforms. Lozenge paving was developed for tram platforms because of the risk that blister paving, used in stations, could be confused in the street environment with the blister surface used to indicate a road crossing or dip in the kerb.

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