What is DAISY?

DAISY (Digital Accessible Information System) audio is a format that is especially helpful for people with sight loss. It enables you to access information such as books, manuals and learning material in a more flexible and navigatable way. 

DAISY audio books offer more navigation options, giving you the flexibility to jump to specific sections, chapters or pages. You can also navigate by headings, paragraphs or sentences and adjust play back speeds according to your preference.

DAISY content can be transferred onto USBs or CDs for offline access and played back through specialised DAISY players like the Plextalk and Victor Reader. You can also access DAISY content through your computer or laptop by downloading specialised software such as Dolphin Easy Reader. Apps are also available to make your mobile phone compatible with information and books that are in the DAISY format, popular options include Go Read and Dolphin Easy Reader.

For more information on navigating a DAISY USB or CD please see, How do I navigate a DAISY book or magazine?

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