Do you have any advice on managing diabetes with sight loss?

If you have diabetes you may have to measure your blood sugar levels, and take tablets or use injections every day. These things can become a challenge if you also have sight loss, but it's possible to manage your diabetes independently and safely.

Some useful tips that might help you

  • Use hands free magnifiers if you need both hands to take tablets or measure your blood glucose
  • Using ‘Bumpons’ or other labelling aids on medicine boxes can help you tell the difference between the different medications you may have to use
  • Many insulin pens have audible clicks so that you can count the clicks to know how many units you are injecting
  • Easy-to-see or talking blood glucose meters are available if you find it difficult to read the display – ask your diabetes nurse for more information
  • Putting your blood glucose records in an accessible format such as in large print, voice recording or electronically on your computer, can help make it easier to refer back to.

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