I'm troubled by bright lighting and glare, what can I do?

Existing eye conditions, can cause problems with bright lights and glare. The first step to coping with glare is to use sunglasses/tinted lenses or a hat with a brim.

You can seek advice on the best type of eye shield for you at your nearest low vision clinic. Some local opticians are also able to provide specialist advice. You can find your nearest low vision clinic, on the Sightline Directory by entering your postcode and the search words 'low vision clinic'.

If you don't have an eye condition and you or someone you care for:

  • has suddenly become light sensitive over the last few days, seek immediate medical advice. Light sensitivity can be a symptom of conditions such as meningitis.
  • has become troubled by bright light recently, visit your optometrist (optician) for an eye examination to find out if there is any particular cause of the problem.

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