Will Universal Credit affect the benefits claimed for my child with a vision impairment?

Universal Credit is a benefit that is replacing some of the means-tested legacy benefits for people of working age. It also has a ‘child element’. Usually this can be paid for a maximum of two children but there are some exceptions to this ‘two-child limit’.

Universal Credit may include a ‘disabled child addition’, and can be paid for each qualifying child. You will get the higher rate addition if your child is certified as severely sight impaired or blind, or if they are entitled to either DLA care component at the higher rate, or PIP daily living component at the enhanced rate. You will get the lower rate addition if your child receives any other award of DLA or PIP.

Some people will be worse off financially under Universal Credit than under the legacy benefits. If you are unsure whether you should claim or are eligible to claim Universal Credit it would be a good idea to get advice from an experienced adviser before claiming.

If you make a new claim for a means-tested benefit, or have a relevant change in your circumstances while claiming one of the legacy benefits, such as a partner joining the household, you are likely to have to claim Universal Credit. However, there is an exception to this rule.

Further information can be found on RNIB's Benefits for children webpages.

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