What do I do if I feel my child with a vision impairment is not getting the right support in school?

Advice from the Sensory Visual Impairment Service is essential in providing your child's school with information on how best to support them and ensure that they have full access to the curriculum.

If you feel this is not in place, you can request a meeting with the Special Needs Coordinator (SENCO), Visual Impairment Service and your childs teacher or Head of Year. Ask for a copy of your child's record of progress and support plan. The record should reflect the Visual Impairment Service's advice with clear actions as to what should be put in place and who is responsible for it.

Your child's input can be very powerful - get them to record or write down their concerns. If you have ideas about steps or solutions that could improve your child's situation, suggest them, this can be a positive contribution. If your child use's software or equipment at home that may benefit them at school, a short video to show the value of it may be helpful. Not all of your suggestions may be possible, but raising awareness of a need will lead towards improvements.

Take notes and write up what was agreed, and send them to all those present at the meeting and ask for a review after a few weeks to check on progress. If necessary copy in the Head Teacher and the Local Authority. You can also contact the Governors of your child's school if you have questions or concerns about your child's support.

If you live in England every local authority must provide an (IASS) Information, Advice and Support Service for parents of children with special educational needs in the event of questions or problems. You can also contact IPSEA Independent Parental Special Education Advice.

Further information and advice can also be found on RNIB's Getting the right support - SEN and inclusion and Guide Dogs children and young peoples services and support webpages.

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