Can I get support locally?

There are many types of local support from short-term, one-off assistance to longer and on-going help.

Statutory support

Your local social services department is able to offer advice, support and rehabilitation to help you remain independent. Please see What sort of help can I receive from social services?

Local support

In addition to these statutory services you may have a local sight loss charity that provides support, training and guidance that could help you. There are also often local support groups specific to certain eye conditions, which you can attend to meet people in a similar situation. For example the Macular Society has a network of over 400 macular support groups across the UK. Each one offers practical and emotional support for people with macular disease, from those living with it today. You can find details of your local charity or support group on the Sightline Directory, by entering your postcode and the search words 'local society'.

RNIB also runs both face to face and telephone Living Well with Sight Loss Courses around the UK that you may find beneficial. More information can be found on their Living Well with Sight Loss webpages. The courses cover a range of topics including getting out and about, tips and gadgets for everyday living, hobbies, assistive technology and welfare rights.

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