How do I make a drink without spilling it?

Here are a few hints and tips you might find useful when pouring a drink:

  • Place the cup you are pouring into on a flat surface. Avoid holding the cup in the air as you pour as you might pour hot liquids onto your hand
  • Ensure the lip of the container you are pouring from is against the rim of the container you are pouring into
  • Contrasting colours can help you see different objects more easily. Black coffee in a white mug may enable you to see the liquid rising or a dark mug may let you see a tea bag floating upward
  • You can use a liquid level indicator to alert you with an audible or vibrating when your cup is full
  • Use the smallest available bottle or carton of milk, or a milk jug. Powdered milk or catering sachets can be useful methods of adding milk to a hot drink
  • Placing coffee in a dish, rather than a jar, can make it easier to use a spoon. Catering sachets provide measured amounts of coffee, although you might need scissors to open
  • Keep the coffee dish as close as possible to the cup to minimise any spillage from the spoon
  • You can make hot drinks in a microwave which removes the need for pouring hot liquids.

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