Where can I get help to do arts and crafts?

If you are blind or partially sighted, this does not mean you need to stop producing art or working with crafts. There are several organisations that can help and provide support:

  • Disability Arts Online contains links to disabled artists' sites. A number of these artists are blind or partially sighted.
  • iMap Creative Access is an online art resource for blind and partially sighted people who are interested in art, and for teachers of art.
  • VocalEyes is a registered charity established to service the needs of theatres, theatre companies, museums and galleries who wish to present audio description to their blind and partially sighted audiences.
  • The Audio Description Association exists to support people and organisations that supply audio description. The ADA supply accredited training in audio description.
  • Living Paintings Trust is a unique national charity that helps blind and partially sighted adults and children by offering a free library service.

You can find your nearest services and organisations that help blind and partially sighted people on the Sightline Directory by entering your postcode and search words related to the art or craft you are looking for, such as 'painting' or 'art'.

Further information on Creative Writing, Drama and Dance, Pottery and Crafts, Photography, Music and Painting can be found on RNIB's Arts and crafts webpages.

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