I currently receive income related ESA, will I have to claim Universal Credit?

If you are currently in receipt of ‘means-tested’ benefits such as income-related ESA, you do not need to take any action until you are contacted by DWP and told you need to claim Universal Credit.

There will be a pilot of the Universal Credit transfer process – called ‘managed migration’ - from July 2019 to July 2020. DWP plans that it will start moving people who are claiming means-tested benefits onto Universal Credit from late 2020 onwards.

When you are due to transfer, you will have to make a claim for Universal Credit and this may involve an assessment. Claiming Universal Credit may have a significant effect on the amount of benefits you will receive.

If you need advice about your circumstances see Who can provide benefits advice?

Debt Advice

Universal Credit has a number of aspects that could leave you without income or with a reduced income for short-term and long-term periods of time. If you are having difficulties resulting from Universal Credit, or are worried you will do if you have to claim, see Can I get help with my debts for help finding expert debt advisers.

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