How will the SDP Gateway ending affect me?

The SDP “gateway”, which allowed recipients of an SDP to claim legacy benefits, came to an end in January 2021. This means that now if you are entitled to SDP within a legacy benefit and you have a relevant change in your circumstances, you will be required to make a claim for Universal Credit. You will not have a choice to make a claim for legacy benefits in such circumstances anymore.

Who will quality for the transitional protection payment?

If you are in receipt of SDP as part of your award of income-based JSA, income-related ESA or income support and are moved to Universal Credit following a relevant change in your circumstances (natural migration) you will be considered for a transitional protection payment.

This transitional payment is intended to compensate for the loss of the SDP – not the Enhanced Disability Premium or anything else.

Who will not qualify?

You will not be entitled to a transitional protection payment if you are in receipt of legacy benefits and an SDP is not part of your award and you move to Universal Credit through a change in your circumstances (‘natural migration’).

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