What is the Freedom Pass and how can I get one?

There are two types of Freedom Pass: an older persons pass and a disabled persons pass. Both entitle the holder to travel for free on the majority of London's public transport services, including some National rail services within the Freedom Pass boundaries. Full details of where you can travel for free and any exceptions can be found on London Council's Using the pass web page.

Older Persons Freedom Pass

To be eligible for an older persons freedom pass you must reside in London and fulfil the age criteria.  You can use London Council's Eligibility Checker to see if you qualify.

If you are eligible you can apply online or by post, by filling in an application form which can be found on London Council's Older Persons Freedom Pass first time applications web page.

Disabled Persons Freedom Pass

To be eligible for a disabled persons freedom pass you must reside in London and have evidence of your sight loss.  This may be your Certificate of Visual Impairment (CVI) or supporting evidence that your driving licence has been revoked or would be refused due to your disability or sight loss. Full details of the eligibility criteria can be found on London Council's Disabled Persons Freedom Pass Eligibility web page.

Applications are made via your local borough council. A list of councils and their contact details can be found on London Council's Apply for a Disabled Persons Freedom Pass web page.

Some councils will issue a discretionary disabled persons pass to people who do not fit the statutory eligibility criteria, for more information please contact your local borough council.

Carers for people with a disability are not eligible for a Freedom Pass, unless they meet criteria through a disability of their own.

For further information about the passes, please contact London Council's Freedom Pass team:

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