Can I get a free TV licence?

Having sight loss does not automatically entitle you to a free TV licence. However, if you are registered blind (severely sight impaired), you can get a 50 per cent reduction (called a blind concession) on the cost of your TV Licence.  Your licence will also cover anyone who lives with you, but the licence must be in your name.

Unfortunately you cannot claim this 50 per cent reduction if you are registered partially sighted (sight impaired). 

Anyone who is aged 75 or over is entitled to a free TV Licence, whether or not they have sight loss.

You can buy your TV licence through the official TV Licensing website.

Remember you also need a TV license if you use BBC iPlayer to watch programmes on demand through your computer, smartphone or tablet, even if you don't watch any live TV. 

For further information you can contact TV Licensing:

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