I'm an adult currently receiving DLA, do I have to claim PIP?

The Government introduced a new benefit, Personal Independence Payment (PIP), to replace DLA for people of working age. This replaced DLA for new claims from 2013 (2016 in Northern Ireland).

Most existing adult claimants of DLA continue to be reassessed for PIP. There is no option to remain on DLA. When considering whether or not you will be migrated to PIP, you will need to think about how old you were on 8 April 2013 (20 June 2016 in Northern Ireland). This date is a ‘red line’ and determines the different benefit routes you will take.

If you were aged less than 65 years on 8 April 2013 (20 June 2016 in Northern Ireland)

You can still migrate to PIP from DLA through three different ways after reaching State Pension age:

  1. Reporting a relevant change in circumstances because your needs have changed (natural migration)
  2. Managed migration (when the DWP contacts you and advises that your claim for DLA will end and you have to claim PIP)
  3. Voluntary migration (when you choose to claim PIP to replace your DLA claim).

In respect of all the above circumstances, we suggest seeking advice. Once you have started the process of claiming PIP, you may not be able to reverse it and choose to remain on DLA.

There is no automatic transfer from DLA to PIP, so you will have to make a claim for PIP if you wish to continue receiving a disability benefit. If they have not already, the DWP will, at some point, send you a letter as an existing DLA claimant inviting you to make a claim for PIP.

As part of this “migration process, the DWP will send you a letter explaining that your DLA is due to end and inviting you to claim PIP. You will have four weeks to claim, and you must normally start this process by phone. This is the initial claim which asks for your personal information, such as name, address and preferred format of communication.

If you were aged 65 years or over on 8 April 2013 (20 June 2016 in Northern Ireland)

You will continue to receive DLA and will not be assessed for PIP. You will stay on DLA if your entitlement is re-assessed after state pension age. You will not be migrated to PIP and you will not start receiving AA instead, although the rules start to replicate those for AA.

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