What's the difference between an Opticians and an Eye Clinic?

Opticians and Eye Clinics are similar in that both types of practices are there to help you look after your eyes, however there are a few differences in what they offer:

Opticians are usually located in high street practices or in shops as well as hospital eye departments. You can visit the opticians to have your eyes examined. Eye examinations are carried out by optometrists or ophthalmic opticians (commonly referred to as opticians). Optometrists are able to examine your vision and prescribe glasses and contact lenses. They are also qualified to detect eye conditions and injuries as well as provide clinical advice, discuss how to look after your eyes and direct you to further support and treatment services such as Eye Clinics, if needed. Some optometrists may specialise in low vision and may help you with your low vision aids. Opticians are not able to decide if your vision is eligible to be certified.

Eye Clinics are usually based in hospital eye departments and have ophthalmologists who are specialist eye doctors that diagnose, monitor and treat eye conditions with medication and surgery. Ophthalmologists are able to assess your vision and decide if your vision is eligible to be certified (CVI) and registered with your local social services.

Further information can be found on RNIB's Who does what in eye health webpage.

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