Are optometrists able to carry out sight tests/eye examinations for people with dementia?

Sight tests/eye examinations are for everyone:

  • If a traditional letter chart is unsuitable, there are alternative ways to examine your vision. (kays picture test, Cardiff cards etc)
  • Some optometrists will visit people in their own home.
  • Your optometrist can recommend the most appropriate glasses for you and will recommend the most appropriate lens, frame type

Things that can help with a sight test:

  • When arranging an appointment tell the optometrist you (or the person you are supporting) have dementia, you should also mention any other health conditions you feel may need to be taken into consideration
  • Take a list of medications as some medications affect your vision
  • Advise the optometrist of any changes in behaviour which may indicate undetected sight loss such as disinterest in hobbies, falls, or persistently cleaning glasses
  • Take someone along for support

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