What is NaviLens?

NaviLens is a navigation and labelling app especially designed for blind and partially sighted users.

NaviLens tags are used across the world:

  • to help people with sight loss navigate and find their way around cities independently

  • by retailers and manufacturers who are incorporating NaviLens into their designs to help users quickly and easily access information

  • by anyone with a smartphone who can create their own unique audio tags

NaviLens tags can be read aloud simply by pointing your phone in the general direction of that tag. It’s free and easy to use. The app works on both the Android and Apple operating systems and is completely accessible.

Using Navi Lens around your home

You can create your own NaviLens tags to label food in your cupboard, put appointments onto your calendar, note the tracks on your CDs or even record your banking details so you can access them independently. NaviLens comes with a selection of free tags for personal use at home.

Further information about NaviLens including how to download the app and get your free tags can be found on RNIB's NaviLens webpage.

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