What is monocular vision?

Monocular vision is when there is vision in one eye only, meaning you will lose part of your field of view and may have difficulty with depth perception. This may lead to problems when judging your distance from objects and the width of objects such as door frames, people moving towards you but outside your field of vision, or pouring liquid into a cup. Eventually your brain, working with your remaining eye, will start to compensate and take over some of the work of the other eye.

Unless you have a significant loss of sight in your other eye, you will not be able to register as "Sight Impaired/Partially Sighted". This is because the sight in your other eye will largely compensate for the loss of sight in the affected eye.

You may still be able to drive a car or motorcycle if you only have sight in one one eye, see Can I still drive if I have sight in one eye?

For further information on registering your sight loss see Can I get a CVI and register as sight impaired (partially sighted) if I have lost the sight in one of my eyes?

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